An Intelligent Medical Advisor with a Compassionate Nature.

Our goal is to try to provide the best available medical advice and care with special interest in management and treatment of menopause and osteoporosis. One of our highest priorities is to consider healthcare from the women’s perspective and be empathetic to each patient’s needs. We strive to give our patients the information and education they deserve in a friendly, supportive environment. At the same time, we are able to administer sophisticated medical care while maintaining respect and compassion for every woman we serve.

Women’s Health Services

Women at every stage of life can count on receiving undivided attention and personalized treatment from Dr. Morgan.

Menopause Treatment

Dr. Morgan is uniquely qualified in treating menopausal symptoms. This includes estrogen therapy – the most effective treatment option for relieving menopausal hot flashes.

Post Menopausal Osteoporosis

Dr. Morgan can identify bone weaknesses and help women consider treatment options as early as possible.

Patient Testimonials